A Guide to Parking Lot Management

05 May A Guide to Parking Lot Management

Have you ever left a long day of shopping or a night out with friends only to wander through a parking garage wondering where you parked? Once you’ve done a couple of laps reality sets in, and you realize your vehicle has probably been towed. You may ask yourself, ‘Can I be towed from a parking garage?’ The answer is unfortunately yes. The first move you should make if this happens to you is to contact your local towing company to find out where your car is. Don’t worry, Tiger Towing is the premiere towing company in Columbia, Missouri, and we are here to help.  Let’s take a closer look at towing from the management perspective of parking lots and see what tips and tricks we can use to give both the manager of the lot and the vehicle owner a better understanding of what overseeing a parking garage entails.

Managing a private parking lot is tough. You have to face a lot of different issues you may not have initially expected such as abandoned vehicles, non-permit vehicles, and even people trying to sell their vehicles in your parking garage. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the things you’re expected to look out for and take care of, but know that Tiger Towing is here to help. Unlike some towing companies, our job description doesn’t just start and end with tow trucks. Tiger Towing provides private lot management services to help you oversee your parking garage.

For over a decade Tiger Towing has been dedicated to providing towing services for residents in Columbia, MO. We’ve dedicated ourselves to giving our customers the best towing services when it comes to residential, multi-housing, apartment complexes, and commercial businesses. But when it comes to our private lot management services, we pride ourselves on the notoriety of our signs. For any private parking garage or lot owner we install signage residents will recognize. Proper signage comes to no cost to the lot manager, as we realize the importance of clarity when it comes to knowing where to park and when. Our goal is for the customer to recognize the Tiger Towing sign and know that their car is safe and in the right place at the right time.

Whether it’s monitoring the safety and security of a lot, or removing vehicles that aren’t abiding by towing instructions, Tiger Towing will be there to ensure the swift management of your parking lot. Our goal is to make your job easier. We take your expectations of what your look for in a towing company and we aspire to exceed those expectations. Towing is something we take very seriously, and most towing companies don’t offer the same 24/7 towing and roadside assistance needs that we do at Tiger Towing.

Next time you find yourself in a parking lot with a towed car, give us a call at Tiger Towing. Now that you’re aware of some of the issues and hardships lot owners face, we hope you’ll have more peace of mind if you find yourself with a towed vehicle. For all of your towing and roadside assistance needs, be sure to contact Tiger Towing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cut yourself a break and take advantage of our $5 off towing or roadside assistance coupon on our website. Visit tigertowing.com today!

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