Tiger Towing’s back to school driving safety tips

27 Sep Tiger Towing’s back to school driving safety tips

The beginning of fall brings the start of another school year. School buses, carpools, and even more traffic pack the roads in the early morning and late afternoons. There’s a lot more to look out for, and Tiger Towing wants you to be as prepared as possible when it comes to hitting the road in Columbia, MO. Take a look at these helpful tips to assure you and those around you are staying safe on the road.



  • Abide by Speed Limits and Traffic Signs


There’s a reason speed limits are set for certain areas. It’s important that drivers abide by these speed limits to avoid colliding with other drivers, maintaining control of their vehicle, and getting pulled over. School zones often have different speed limits set for different times of day. It’s important to pay attention to traffic signs.



  • Pay Attention to Bus Stops


It’s hard to miss a big yellow school bus when driving, but people sometimes overlook bus stops at the start of a school year. Buses are obligated to make certain stops, as well as stopping before sets of train tracks. It is imperative that drivers pay attention once busses are stopped in case children getting off the bus cross to the other side or go behind the bus. It’s important to be extra alert when driving near a bus.



  • Look Out for Crosswalks


Many school zones have crossing guards designated to man heavily populating crosswalks. Crossing guards usually stop traffic with a stop sign and step out in the middle of the intersection to let children cross. Typically they dress in bright neon colors to enable them to be seen from a distance. It’s important to follow the signs of the crossing guards, as they have the best interests of both the students and the drivers on the road in mind.



  • Save Tiger Towing’s Number in Your Phone


No one can predict things like getting into an accident, getting a flat tire, or getting locked out of their vehicle. These situations bring stress to drivers everywhere. Plan ahead by putting Tiger Towing’s number in your phone. You never know when a collision or debris on the road will hinder you getting to work or getting your children to school. We’re here to help. We provide roadside assistance 24/7 in Columbia, MO and the surrounding areas to get you back on the road as safely and as quickly as possible.


The start of a new school year brings a lot more people on the road. Your safety is our first priority. If you ever find yourself in need of roadside assistance in Columbia, MO or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to give Tiger Towing a call.  We offer anything, from 24/7 roadside assistance, to flat tire changes, winching, and more. For all of your roadside assistance needs call Tiger Towing today!


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