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The Latest in Parking Enforcement – The Parking Barnacle

The parking barnacle is the latest device used in vehicle immobilization for parking violations. This device suctions to a car’s windshield and is used when the driver has accumulated four unpaid parking tickets. The parking barnacle acts as a last resort to encourage the driver to pay their outstanding parking fines. Since the device itself completely covers vehicle’s windshield, driving is not an option due to impaired visibility. These 15 pound devices are a preferred alternative to the steel parking boot, as they are lighter and easier to install for parking enforcement officers. The Barnacle is also used as an alternative to towing cars, saving time, money and resources. In order to safely continue driving your car, the only option is to pay the outstanding tickets and have The Barnacle removed by someone who is authorized – which is where we come in.

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Windshield Barnacle Removal by Tiger Towing in Columbia, Mo

Square and yellow, the parking barnacle appears to be one giant parking ticket prohibiting you from driving. There is only one way to get rid of this inconvenience – pay your tickets. To have the device effectively removed from your windshield, give us a call. The help you need will promptly arrive to successfully remove the device. Here is what to expect:

Step 1: Call Tiger Towing at (573) 449-3754 and ask for assistance removing the parking barnacle.

Step 2: Wait. Once you have given the location of your car, you can expect a parking official to arrive as soon as possible.

Step 3: Tiger Towing removes The Barnacle. The removal of The Barnacle takes less than one minute.

Step 4: Once the tickets have been paid, the professional from Tiger Towing will simply insert a key and turn it, activating the release of The Barnacle’s powerful suction. After this short process, you are free to drive as usual!

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What to Avoid When Your Car Has Been Immobilized by the Parking Barnacle

We understand having your car immobilized is an inconvenience. It is completely unsafe and NOT recommended to attempt to drive your car when you have The Barnacle attached as it stretches 3 ft x 2 ft across your windshield. It is illegal and you can incur further costs by attempting to drive because it is against the law. Attempting to drive with The Barnacle not only endangers you, but other drivers and pedestrians as well. If you do drive while immobilized, a GPS tracker located in The Barnacle will be able to track movement.

Secondly, do not try and remove this device on your own. The Barnacle conceals 1,000 pounds of suction power. No matter what you try, this item will not only remain stuck to your windshield, but will also sound an alarm if tampered with. Don’t put yourself through anymore unnecessary stress, as this device is not intended to be operated by anyone except parking officials.

If you find yourself with a barnacle stuck to your windshield, your best option is to call Tiger Towing at (573) 449-3754 to have it safely removed.

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Barnacle Removal FAQs

What if I drive without removing it?

Parking & Transportation does not endorse dangerous driving methods, including driving with an obstructed windshield. If a motorist attempts to drive away with a Barnacle on their windshield, it will activate an audible alarm and activate GPS services that Tiger Towing will access

What does “hold placed on my card” mean?

For the Barnacle Return Deposit, a $125 hold will be placed on the motorist’s card. This is not immediately deducted, it’s merely “spoken for” until the Barnacle return process is completed.

I only have cash, how do I pay?

We recommend purchasing a temporary Visa/debit gift card, Barnacle will accept any kind of valid card with the appropriate balance.

Is my parent/guardian/additional party able to pay my fees?

Yes, for this option we recommend the online payment option, where it would be optimal to send the parent a picture of the device number (located on barnacle) and the link to pay online ( Following completion of payment, the parent can send release code to the Barnacle recipient.

How do I get a receipt?

If you pay over the phone, you will be texted a receipt. If you pay online, the email you provide will be sent a receipt.


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