“My car lock is frozen. What do I do?” Call Tiger Towing!

14 Feb “My car lock is frozen. What do I do?” Call Tiger Towing!

It’s 8am. Your phone says it’s 20 degrees out, and when the wind blows, you find it hard to believe the temperature is that high. You’re already late for work, and when you try to unlock your car, the door won’t budge. Your car lock is frozen shut.


Don’t panic! During the winter, many people find themselves in similar situations. Perhaps you left your car in the driveway overnight and it won’t open in the morning, or maybe your meeting ran late and you find yourself stranded in the parking lot when you can’t get your lock to unfreeze. Either way, you’ll find yourself wondering, “Is there anyone who can unlock this car door near me?” And if you’re looking for a locksmith in Columbia, Mo., the answer is a resounding yes! You might only know Tiger Towing for our towing service (after all, the fact that we do towing in Columbia is basically in our name!), but we also have a whole side of our business dedicated to locksmith work. Here are tips for what to do when your car lock is frozen.

  1. Check Other Locks

It’s human nature to assume the worst after the driver door won’t unlock, but before you resort to desperate measures, test your other doors to see if they’ll open. If none of them will budge, it doesn’t hurt to press your thumb against against one of the locks and hold it there for 30 seconds. Your skin might just be warm enough to heat the lock.


  1. Try De-Icer or Hand Sanitizer


If you have de-icer or hand sanitizer on you, great! We recommend keeping de-icer in your car and at home during the cool winter months. And here’s a little chemistry lesson for you: the alcohol in hand sanitizer lowers the freezing point of water, so you can melt the icy lock faster than you can say, “ethanol and isopropanol.”


  1. Avoid Using Hot Water At All Costs!


The previous tips have told you what to do, but what’s just as important in this situation is knowing what not to do! While your first thought might be to melt ice with hot water, you should absolutely refrain from using hot water. Not only can boiling hot water damage the car lock, but it can also make the lock freeze all over again when the water cools. Whatever you do, don’t use hot water to unlock your door!


  1. Call Tiger Towing, The Best Locksmith in Columbia, Mo.


So what do you do when none of the above has worked, or you don’t have access to de-icer or hand sanitizer? You could waste time searching “unlock car door near me,” or you can call Tiger Towing, the best locksmith in Columbia, Mo!


As you know from using our top-of-the-line towing service, we’re experts in providing quick and efficient maintenance. Regardless of the time or place, our customers’ safety is our number one priority.  Don’t believe us? Call Tiger Towing at (573) 449-3754, and we’ll arrive in 45 minutes or less.


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