Holiday Travel Tips with Tiger Towing – Towing in Columbia, Mo

10 Dec Holiday Travel Tips with Tiger Towing – Towing in Columbia, Mo

Holiday Travel Tips with Tiger Towing – Towing Services in Columbia, Mo

Believe it or not, the holidays are here again! With this season comes lots of festivities, fun, and for many, winter travel. Keep your family safe on the roads this year with these tips from Tiger Towing, the premier towing company in Columbia, Mo! 


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Top Tips For Winter Travel and When To Call A Tow Truck in Columbia, Mo

The best way to handle winter weather while traveling is to be well-prepared before you even hit the road. Here are our top tips for “winterizing” your vehicle! 

Prepare Your Vehicle 

There are many things you can do to prepare your vehicle for winter travel. The following list goes through different areas of your vehicle which require some extra upkeep in harsh winter conditions. Keeping your car in top shape will help ease travel anxiety and keep you safe on the roads!

  • Winter weather takes a toll on your car’s battery. Colder temperatures are naturally harder on the chemicals in your battery, so make sure you have plenty of power to get you through the winter! 
  • Tire pressure typically drops when temperatures do, so before you head out for the holidays, check your tire pressure and air up before hitting the road. 
  • It’s best to check tire tread before there’s snow and ice on the ground. If you’ve had your current tires for a while, check the tread. You’ll know it’s time for new tires if you feel like you can’t get proper traction when driving. 
  • It is important to be sure your wipers are working properly. Refill your wiper fluid with an all-weather variety to ensure safe travels. This is important, especially when temperatures drop below freezing. You’ll want to be sure your wipers are working properly and your wiper fluid can melt any snow or sleet coming down.  
  • Cold temperatures thicken your vehicle’s oil, making it harder for it to lubricate your engine. Get your oil checked and changed if needed before that big holiday road trip.
  • Antifreeze prevents the coolant in your radiator from freezing, helps transfer heat within your vehicle, and prevents engine corrosion. Get it checked and stay safe on the roads! 
  • Get a serious winter travel kit together. Pack things like a flashlight with extra batteries, a first-aid kit, any necessary medications, blankets and/or sleeping bags, extra mittens or gloves, socks, a warm cap and rain gear, a small sack of sand to use for traction under your wheels, a small shovel, booster cables, small tools – pliers, wrench, screwdriver, a brightly colored cloth to use as a flag, nonperishable foods and bottled water.
    • Battery
    • Tire pressure
    • Tire tread
    • Wipers
    • Oil
    • Antifreeze
    • Emergency kit

Watch the Weather 

Don’t embark on your holiday travels before checking the weather and road conditions. Depending on the length of your drive, you’ll want to look ahead to any impending winter weather. Check your local news for any traffic, accidents, or road closures.

Know Who to Call For Help 

We hope you won’t need any roadside assistance while traveling this holiday season, but it is important to be prepared with resources if you do end up needing help. Tiger Towing offers roadside assistance, towing services, and accident assistance in Columbia, Mo. 


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FAQ’s About Winter Travel and Towing Services in Columbia, Mo

When is it too dangerous to drive? 

  • Use your best judgement here. If you’ve already been on the road for a few hours and the weather begins to turn ugly, have a passenger look up the nearest rest stop or hotel. Depending on the severity of the weather, you may only need to pull off for an hour. However, be prepared to stay the night somewhere if needed. 

What do I do if I am trapped in my car?

  • First, don’t panic. If you’ve pulled or slid off the road, first make sure you’re out of the way of oncoming traffic. Next, dial for help. Tiger Towing offers roadside assistance and towing services in Columbia, Mo, so if you’re nearby, give us a call. While you wait, be sure to run the engine every 10 minutes or so, and stick that brightly colored cloth from your emergency kit out your window to signal for help and alert oncoming traffic. Do NOT leave the vehicle to look for help. Blowing snow can be very disorienting, and it is easy to get lost or stuck, so stay put. Be sure the exhaust pipe is clear of snow, and crack a window for ventilation. If you do need to leave the vehicle for any reason, get out on the shoulder side only. 

Should I call a tow truck even if there is bad weather? 

  • Tiger Towing is here to help, regardless of weather. We will do our best to get to you in a timely manner, whether you need towing or roadside assistance. If you’re stuck, give us a call!


Call Tiger Towing For Towing Services in Columbia, Mo!

Don’t let the winter weather keep you from your holiday fun! With a well-prepared vehicle, you can diminish your chances of needing roadside assistance. But, if you do find yourself needing some help this winter, don’t hesitate to call Tiger Towing! We offer roadside assistance and towing services in Columbia, Mo and are here to help when you need it. In a bind? Call us! 



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