Parking Barnacle Removal in Columbia, Mo

08 Nov Parking Barnacle Removal in Columbia, Mo

The Parking Barnacle: Your Guide to Barnacle Removal in Columbia, Mo


You’ve had a long day of classes or work, and you can’t wait to drive home and relax for the evening. As you approach your car, you notice a large, yellow device covering your windshield. You’re confused and irritated – what is on my windshield!? 

The bright yellow covering on your windshield is called a Parking Barnacle. This device immobilizes your vehicle as a consequence of unpaid parking violations. It is also used as an alternative to towing cars, saving the city time, money and resources. Because the Parking Barnacle obstructs your view completely, you must have it removed before you can resume driving, which means paying your tickets. The Barnacle must be removed by someone who is authorized – which is where Tiger Towing comes in! Tiger Towing provides professional towing services and roadside assistance. We also remove pesky Parking Barnacles! If you need towing services, roadside assistance, or Barnacle removal, contact Tiger Towing


What’s On My Windshield!? Barnacle Removal in Columbia, Mo

The Parking Barnacle immobilizes your vehicle as a consequence for unpaid parking violations. Essentially, it is a last ditch effort to encourage you to pay your overdue tickets. This device suctions to a car’s windshield and is used when a driver has accumulated four unpaid parking tickets. The parking barnacle encourages the driver to pay their outstanding parking fines by keeping the driver from operating their vehicle. Since the device itself completely covers the vehicle’s windshield, you cannot drive  due to impaired visibility. If you do try to drive your car with the Parking Barnacle adhered, an alarm will sound and parking staff will be alerted. If you notice a Parking Barnacle on your vehicle, do not try to drive. Follow the following recommended protocol. 

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FAQ’s About Barnacle Removal in Columbia, Mo

If you’ve never seen a Parking Barnacle, it can be pretty jarring to walk up to a giant yellow device suctioned to your windshield. This shock is also often accompanied by several questions (and maybe even a few expletives). Here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Parking Barnacle and its removal: 

Can I drive with the Parking Barnacle on my car?

We heavily advise against attempting to drive with the Parking Barnacle attached to your windshield. It is designed to obstruct all visibility as a means of prompting you to pay parking violations. Driving with the Parking Barnacle attached to your car is incredibly dangerous and not recommended. If driving with the device is attempted, an alarm will go off which sends your GPS coordinates to Tiger Towing.

Can I remove the Barnacle myself?

No. The Parking Barnacle uses intense suction to attach to your windshield, and attempting to remove it yourself will  harm the device and your vehicle. Plus, removal without a key is impossible, so leave it to the pros. An audible alarm will sound if you attempt to remove the device yourself. The only way to remove it is using the Barnacle key, held only authorized professionals.

What does a “hold placed on my car” mean?

A $125 hold will be placed on the motorist’s card for the Barnacle Return Deposit. This is not immediately deducted, it’s merely “spoken for” until the Barnacle return process is completed.

How do I pay off my parking violations to remove the Barnacle?

You’ll need to contact the City of Columbia to pay your outstanding parking violations. This can be done in person or online. 

Can a parent, guardian, spouse, etc. pay my violations?

Yes! We recommend the online payment option to do this. Send the person paying your violations a picture of the device number (located on barnacle) and direct them to pay online. Following completion of payment, the payer can send release code to the Barnacle recipient.

How do I get a receipt? 

If you pay over the phone, you will receive a text receipt. If you pay online, you’ll get an email confirmation. Be sure to hold on to this and keep it in your records in case you need it in the future.

Who can remove the Barnacle once I’ve paid my parking violations?

Tiger Towing can remove Barnacles! Once you’ve finished paying your violations, give us a call. From there, you’ll wait for a parking official to get to your destination and remove the Barnacle. Then, you can resume driving as usual!

Contact Tiger Towing, Roadside Assistance and Towing Service in Columbia, Mo

From Barnacle removal to towing, Tiger Towing has your back! We provide professional towing services in Columbia, Mo in addition to roadside assistance and other services. So whether you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle or you’ve just gotten in an accident, we are here to help! Just give us a call and we’ll be there in no time. 




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