Preventing Unwanted Towing

07 Sep Preventing Unwanted Towing

Tiger Towing’s Tips to Avoid Getting Towed


The hustle and bustle of everyday life can leave us in less than favorable situations. It’s far too easy to park in a tow away zone when you’re running late for work and rush into the first parking spot you see. Or maybe you’re at a happy hour with some friends, a few drinks turns into a few hours, and before you know it your car is being towed from an expired meter.


Tiger Towing is here to help you park legally and avoid the expenses of parking tickets or being towed. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions and tips so parking never gives you another headache.


Know Where Not to Park in Columbia, Mo.

There are a variety of tow-away zones in Columbia, both downtown and on the MU campus. Tow-away and private parking zones are often marked with signs. They are typically red and characterized by phrases such as No Parking, Tow-Away Zone, Unauthorized Cars Will Be Towed Away At Owner’s Expense, or Do Not Enter. Even if you are in a rush, be careful not to overlook these warnings.


Here are our tips for knowing where to park in Columbia:

  • Pay close attention to private parking areas that allow for public parking during certain times of the day

  • If you legally park in a zone when it is open to the public, remember to move your car before the area is restricted again

  • Setting an alarm or reminder on your phone can help with this


Remember to Pay for Parking


Know when parking is metered vs free

The City of Columbia offers a great deal of public parking, but you must remember to pay when necessary. To stay on top of parking meter payments, you must first know when they run. In The District, parking meters are active from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on all days except Sunday and certain holidays. There is a common misconception that weekends are free parking at all meters- don’t let this trick you on Saturday! However, local garages do offer free parking on both Saturday and Sunday. When parking in a garage, know that hourly rates start at 8:00 am and go until 6:00 pm.


Go hands-free with the ParkMobile app

We know that it can be difficult to stay on top of paying your meter when it runs out of time. There may even be times that a meter runs out right as you are walking up to pay it and a ticket is already being written. This is frustrating for anyone and explains why urgency is key.  Luckily, with the ParkMobile app for Apple and Android, parking meters can conveniently be paid from your mobile phone. Without even leaving your MU classroom or Columbia office, you can know exactly how much time your meter has left on it and are notified within 15 minutes of expiration.


Pay Your Tickets Promptly


Avoid being towed for multiple unpaid tickets

A common cause for the impoundment of vehicles in Columbia, is unpaid parking tickets. Upon receiving a parking ticket from the City of Columbia, it must be paid within 15 days or the fee increases for late payment. It’s important to pay these on time, or else we may be called for our services. According the the City of Columbia, your vehicle can be impounded if you have four or more outstanding parking tickets issued for your vehicle.


Pay tickets online

In the event that you do get a parking ticket, technology has made payment easier than ever before. For a small fee, you can make sure that your parking tickets are paid before the 15 day due date by paying online. This way you don’t need to crunch a visit to the Columbia Police Department, Violations Bureau or Cashier’s Office into your busy schedule.


When the Worst Happens, Give Tiger Towing a Call

Your Tiger Towing Superheros are here to help. Be prepared for the unknown and save our number (573-449-3754) so that you can contact us in case of an emergency.

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