Parking lot management saves time and energy

08 Jun Parking lot management saves time and energy

The benefits of hiring a parking lot management and private property towing service

Running a business is a lot of work. You answer phones, meet with customers, and  manage your staff all while juggling the short- and long-term goals for the business. As the end of another day of work approaches, you notice the same Chevy Impala has been sitting in your parking lot for the last 5 days. It’s not yours or any member of your staff’s. Great, you think, I’ll have to add that to my to-do list tomorrow.

Instead of adding it to your never-ending list of things to do, save yourself the hassle and hire Tiger Towing to manage your commercial parking lot. Tiger Towing will remove abandoned vehicles, non-permit vehicles, vehicles for sale, and vehicles violating fire lane code from your lot so you can get back to business. 

aerial shot of parking lot filled with parked cars

Abandoned Vehicles

Beyond simply being a nuisance and an eyesore, abandoned vehicles actually pose a threat to the safety of your business. Abandoned cars can attract illegal activity, are hazardous to children and adults, and may leak unsafe gasses into the air. Airports and malls are especially susceptible to becoming dumping grounds for abandoned vehicles.

Non-permit Vehicles

Non-permit vehicle parking can happen to any business; and is a recurring problem for parking garages, colleges and apartment complexes. Non-permit vehicles take up valuable space needed for paying customers or paid permits. Regardless of the size of your parking lot, we’ll take care of your private property towing needs.

Fire Lane Violations

In the tragic event of a fire or other emergency, the last thing you want is for the fire lane to be blocked. Fire lanes are essential for first responders to access and intervene in emergency situations. The Fire Marshal’s Office can come and remove parked cars in violation of code, but you may have to wait a while for the truck to arrive. A call to Tiger Towing means an immediate remedy to an annoying situation.

Outsourcing parking lot management and hiring a company to coordinate your private property towing means you have one less thing to worry about. Tiger Towing is ready to serve you and your business. Give us a call at +1 (573) 449-3754 to set up ongoing parking lot management and towing services.


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