Tiger Towing: Your Go-To Towing & Roadside Assistance Service in Columbia, Mo

31 Mar Tiger Towing: Your Go-To Towing & Roadside Assistance Service in Columbia, Mo

Odds are if you’re trying to contact a towing company, you’re not in a super good mood. When you’re stuck in a less than ideal situation, don’t waste time wondering what to do. Whether you need a tow truck, have a flat tire or are Google searching “locked out of my car,” Tiger Towing in Columbia, Mo is here for you. Save our number, (573) 449-3754, and call us any time, day or night. We’ll help turn your day around. 

Quick, Reliable Towing Services in Columbia, Mo

Call Tiger Towing for a Quick, 24-Hour Tow Truck

Besides being in an accident, one of the scariest things that can happen when you’re driving is breaking down and getting stuck on the side of the road. You need help as soon as possible when you find yourself in this situation. Not only will Tiger Towing show up in 45 minutes or less, but we will also treat you with the care and consideration you deserve when you’re in a stressful situation. We strive to make your experience as seamless as possible by providing professional, friendly services you can trust. Call us for help at (573) 499-3754 anytime. 

Emergency, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance in Columbia, Mo

Accident Assistance and Removal With Tiger Towing

Helping clients who have been in a car accident is at the top of our priority list. During an accident, tell the responding police officer you want Tiger Towing and we’ll dispatch a tow truck to you immediately. We’ll take your vehicle to the location of your choice or store it in our secure lot at your convenience. Not only will we get to you as soon as possible, but we’ll work to deliver the best possible customer service in a stressful situation. Learn more about our accident assistance and removal services and make sure you’re prepared in the case of an emergency.

Pull Your Vehicle Out of Mud, Snow, Water and Ditches With Tiger Towing

Winching Services in Columbia, Mo

With the unpredictable weather in the Midwest, it’s not uncommon for cars to end up in a ditch. If you find yourself in this situation, call Tiger Towing. Our winching-service drivers are fully trained to quickly and effectively assist you. Save our number, (573) 449-3754, in your phone so that we can help you right away if the circumstance arises.


Locked Out of Your Car in Columbia, Mo?

Many of us have experienced the moment of intense frustration upon realizing we’ve locked our keys in our car. Thankfully, you can rely on Tiger Towing’s 24-hour locksmith services for quick help. Whether it’s the middle of the night, early in the morning before work or on a weekend, Tiger Towing will come to you in 45 minutes or less and get you back in your car. For professional services at reasonable prices, call us anytime at (573) 449-3754.

Flat Tire Repair With Tiger Towing in Columbia, Mo

Let’s be honest — not all of us have been taught how to fix a flat tire, or even have a spare readily available in our trunk. If you try to wing it yourself or have someone inexperienced help you, you may wind up doing more damage than you started with. If you hear your tire pop or feel it flatten while on the road, stay calm and pull over. Call Tiger Towing in Columbia, Mo for flat tire repair services at any time, any day.

Barnacle Removal With Tiger Towing

If you’ve ever seen a parking barnacle, you know how startling they can be. They’re meant to immobilize your vehicle by suctioning to your car’s windshield, blocking your view. The city of Columbia will use these as a last resort to get drivers to pay outstanding parking tickets. Once you pay your fines, call Tiger Towing to have the barnacle removed. To learn more about what steps to take, visit our parking barnacle FAQ page.

Parking Lot Management and Junk Car Removal in Columbia, Mo

Parking Lot Management If you own or manage a private parking lot, you know what a headache it is to deal with unauthorized vehicles. At Tiger Towing, we understand that you don’t have the time every day to deal with this hassle. That’s why for over 16 years, we’ve been offering towing services for residential, multi-housing, apartment complexes and commercial businesses. You’d be surprised what a difference it makes to simply put up Tiger Towing signs in your parking lot! This signage, which comes at no cost to you, often deters drivers from wrongfully parking in your lot. To learn more about our parking lot management services, contact us today!

Junk Car Removal Have an old vehicle taking up space on your property? Call Tiger Towing today. We offer junk car removal services in Columbia, Mo!



Specialty Car Shipping in Mid-Missouri

If you need to transport your valuable specialty vehicle long distances, Tiger Towing can help. Our flatbed shipping services can help your prized car get from point A to point B without risking damage to it or racking up miles. To maintain your car’s value, let us move it for you. We can give you peace of mind — contact us today!

Call Tiger Towing: Your Ultimate Towing and Vehicle Service Provider

Contact Tiger Towing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for quick and reliable help with your car. You’ll soon learn why we’re Columbia, Mo’s most trusted provider of towing and roadside assistance services!

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